WPP webinars

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WPP webinars

A series of webinars designed to give investors and analysts deeper insight into individual agencies, products and services within WPP

Highlights of each presentation will be available here.

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10 JAN 2023

CVL Srinivas
WPP Country Manager, India

Stefano Zunino
WPP Country Manager, Brazil

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Event transcript PDF 3.7 MB

6 JUL 2022

Brooke Hovey
Global President, BCW

AnnaMaria DeSalva
Global Chairman + CEO, Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Alexander Geiser
Chief Executive Officer, FGS Global

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Event transcript PDF 3.2 MB

30 MAR 2022

Lindsay Pattison
Chief Client Officer, WPP

Carl Hartman
Global Client Lead, CEO, WPP Red Fuse

Amy Winger
Global Client Lead, VMLY&R

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7 DEC 2021

Neil Stewart
Global CEO, Wunderman Thompson

Ruth Zohrer
Chief Client Success Officer, Wunderman Thompson Commerce

Glen Burson
CTO, Wunderman Thompson

Aimee Pierce
VP Business Development, WPP’s Centre of Excellence for Amazon

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25 JUN 2021

Nicolas Bidon
Global CEO, Xaxis

Silvia Sparry
Global COO, Xaxis

Arshan Saha

Sara Robertson
Global VP of Disruption, Xaxis

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27 MAY 2021

Christian Juhl
Global CEO, GroupM

Kirk McDonald
North America CEO, GroupM

Demet İkiler

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16 APR 2021

Jon Cook
Global CEO, VMLY&R

Debbi Vandeven
Global Chief Creative Officer, VMLY&R

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