DAVID: Corona Extra Lime

Corona Extra Limes in a basket

DAVID: Corona Extra Lime

Growing limes to transform lives in collaboration with draftLine

China is the world's largest beer-drinking market. For Corona, the country's shortage of high-quality limes presented a challenge, as its beer is best enjoyed with a wedge of lime. More importantly, nearly a quarter of the country's farmers live in poverty.

Instead of simply importing high-quality limes into the country, DAVID worked with Corona’s draftLine to partner with local governments and industry leaders to provide farmers with the knowledge and tools needed to grow quality limes and expand their yield.

After over 1000 days of relentless efforts, the new lime brand, Corona Extra Lime, emerged and found its place on the shelves of supermarkets across China. These limes set an unprecedented standard of quality, with an impressive 70% of them being classified as first-grade limes. Notably, they had a remarkable 31% increase in juice content and an acidity level of 4.6pH, rendering them slightly sweeter than common limes.

Not only did Corona Extra Lime improve the experience of drinking Corona beer, but the brand created an entirely new business that both solved Corona's lime supply problem and provided China's struggling farmers with a critical economic lifeline. Two million limes were sold in the first year alone and all profits from the sales were redirected to the farmers, boosting their income by 21% – and boosting Corona beer sales by 29%.

The impact of the campaign was far-reaching. As well as improving lives and creating a new sustainable business model, the initiative was recognised by China’s National Council Awards and the National Congress. It also captured the attention of the public, garnering over one billion media impressions and an advertising value equivalence of over $11m in earned media. Overall, Corona’s brand power in China grew by 17% and the campaign earned a Titanium Lion at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in 2023.