WPP launches ‘Screaming Creativity’ podcast series hosted by Chief Creative Officer Rob Reilly

19 Sep 2023

WPP today announces the launch of a new video podcast series hosted by WPP's Chief Creative Officer, Rob Reilly. Titled ‘Screaming Creativity’, the podcast will inform, entertain and inspire listeners through frank conversations on creativity in all its forms.

Season one of Screaming Creativity will premiere on all leading podcast platforms on September 19th. In each episode, Rob Reilly will be joined by influential leaders from across the creative industries to engage in thoughtful, candid conversations.

Screaming Creativity will cover a range of topics, including the creative journeys of guests, breakthrough career moments, the impact of technology on creativity, the ever-evolving industry landscape and much more.

As a driving force behind some of the most iconic campaigns in the advertising industry, Rob Reilly brings a wealth of experience and an unmatched passion for creative excellence to Screaming Creativity.

Rob Reilly, Chief Creative Officer of WPP, said: “My entire creative philosophy is built on ideas landing loudly in culture and spreading like crazy. This first season will mainly focus on industry leaders and rising stars, but will also include the occasional surprise guest from the entertainment world. It should be a fun listen for the audience.”

Guests will include: Manuel Arroyo, Chief Marketing Officer of The Coca-Cola Company; Fernando Machado, Chief Marketing Officer of NotCo; Microsoft Chief Brand Officer Kathleen Hall; Marlon Wayans, Actor, Producer, Writer and Comedian; and others.

Screaming Creativity is produced by WPP and Hogarth and edited by BCW, with artwork and branding by Ogilvy. The series was recorded at Spotify’s studios in Manhattan.

Further information
Alex Davis-Isaac, WPP
+1 646-531-7724
[email protected]

About WPP
WPP is the creative transformation company. We use the power of creativity to build better futures for our people, planet, clients and communities. For more information, visit www.wpp.com.

Notes to editors


  1. Devika Bulchandani, Global CEO of Ogilvy and Jon Halvorson, Global SVP, Consumer Experience & Digital Commerce at Mondelez
  2. Omid Farhang, CEO/CCO of Majority
  3. Marlon Wayans, Actor, Producer, Writer and Comedian (Part 1)
  4. Marlon Wayans, Actor, Producer, Writer and Comedian (Part 2)
  5. Michelle Morgan, Strategy Director at Mindshare
  6. Kathleen Hall, Chief Brand Officer of Microsoft
  7. Laura Maness, Global CEO of Grey Group and Gabriel Schmitt, Global Chief Creative Officer of Grey Group
  8. Noel Bronson, Designer at Ogilvy NY
  9. Rich Frankel, Global Creative Director at Spotify Advertising
  10. Manolo Arroyo, Chief Marketing Officer of The Coca-Cola Company
  11. Mae Karwowski, CEO of Obviously
  12. Fernando Machado, Chief Marketing Officer of NotCo
  13. Cameron Lee Burrill, Content Creator and Production Coordinator at Hogarth


  • Rob Reilly – Host/Global CCO
  • Jonathan Sanchez – Director
  • Jonathan Jirjis – Executive Producer
  • Louis Simonelli – Producer
  • Alex Davis-Isaac - Co-producer
  • Stephanie Gaweda - Director of Photography
  • Rob C. Ward – Editor
  • Peter Eason – Assistant Editor
  • Cameron Mare - Motion Graphics Designer
  • Thomas Brink - Camera Operator
  • Mark Hendon - Camera Operator
  • Yinka Soda – Camera Operator
  • Jake McAfee – Camera Operator
  • Guy Rosmarin - Audio Engineer
  • Liam Rowley - Production Assistant
  • Connor O'Neill - Production Assistant
  • Dave Towers - Logo Designer


Screaming Creativity will be available on Apple Podcasts, Audible, Google Podcasts, Spotify – in video where available – and on WPP’s YouTube channel.