Mindshare: Hellmann’s Cook Clever, Waste Less

Image of Prue Leith and NHS GP and food expert Dr Rupy Aujla in a kitchen

Mindshare: Hellmann’s Cook Clever, Waste Less

Say no to waste and yes to taste

If global food waste were considered a country, it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world. Hellmann’s is on a mission to raise awareness of how UK households are major contributors to the food waste issue.

Mindshare and Hellmann’s created a four-part TV series, Cook Clever, Waste Less, with Channel 4 and BBC Studios, featuring top UK cook and self-proclaimed queen of leftovers, Prue Leith, and NHS GP and food expert Dr Rupy Aujla. The programme educated four households on how to minimise food waste, sharing practical tips and money-saving advice such as the benefits of meal planning, batch cooking and re-using leftovers.

To extend reach, Mindshare created and promoted a host of digital assets across social and online video throughout the campaign period. The agency also promoted a downloadable recipe book, created by Hellmann’s, that meant people had a long-lasting resource to help combat their waste at home.

The campaign resulted in a 500% increase in visits to the Hellmann’s website and the recipe booklet was downloaded 40k+ times.