Ogilvy: Chris Lee x Intel

Ogilvy Lee China

Ogilvy: Chris Lee x Intel

The world’s first video to use the power of artificial intelligence to enhance creative expression

A music video featuring Chinese pop star Chris Lee, Rainy Day, But We Are Together, was the first of its kind to use Intel artificial intelligence technologies to create special effects. Conceived by Ogilvy China for Intel, machine-learning algorithms were taught to reconstruct a face in 3D and track its movement and expressions in real time. This meant director Timothy Saccenti and a team from Intel were able to bypass the use of tracking markers and hyper-detailed video-capturing guidelines.

The pioneering special effects showcase how AI technology can create and influence unprecedented music and entertainment experiences for consumers. In the future, the invisible handy helper may become a new standard in videography, helping directors and cinematographers focus their creative energies on their artistic vision rather than the technical limitations of their projects.

Through an integrated communication strategy, Ogilvy China approached three distinct groups – savvy adopters, music / entertainment lovers and fashion followers – through various pieces of content and offline experience – generating around 25 million social impressions.

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