08 Apr 2019

Ogilvy: Coca-Cola Love Story

A tale of two star-crossed plastic bottles


10 Mar 2019

Ogilvy: Hindustan Lever Start a Little Good

A series of video spots tackling sustainability priorities


09 Mar 2019

AKQA: AACD Hospital Friendly Arms

A small kindness makes the biggest difference

WPP 0419 Featured Work Bestmencanbe

19 Feb 2019

Grey: Gillette The Best Men Can Be

Triggering the conversation on what it is to be a man today

WPP 0219 Bumble Super Bowl Serena Williams

04 Feb 2019

WPP at Super Bowl LIII

A shop window for WPP’s world-class creativity

WPP logo transforming

11 Dec 2018

Superunion and Landor: WPP’s radical evolution

The story behind WPP’s new brand identity

VML Absolut One Source

27 Jul 2018

VMLY&R: Absolut One Source

Building a strong presence beyond social

Superunion: London symphony orchestra

27 Jul 2018

Superunion: London Symphony Orchestra

If an orchestra takes inspiration from its conductor, why shouldn’t its brand?

WPP 0818 Featured Work Ogilvy Making Dove Matter 1200px_

27 Jul 2018

Ogilvy: Dove “I’m Fine”

Educating children on body confidence to help tackle self-esteem issues


27 Jul 2018

AKQA: Oakley It’s OK

Celebrating professional and everyday athletes in their pursuit of excellence

Volvo Grey Life Paint

27 Jul 2018

Grey: Volvo LifePaint

Invisible paint that lights cyclists up at night

This Coke is a Fanta

27 Jul 2018

DAVID The Agency: This Coke is a Fanta

Cannes Lions 2018 gold-winning campaign aims to subvert discrimination

J Walter Thompson WWF Tiger

27 Jul 2018

J. Walter Thompson: WWF Tiger in Suburbia

WWF-UK brings the plight of wild tigers home

Advertising board on a building

27 Jul 2018

Ogilvy: British Airways Magic of Flying

Custom-built technology enabled digital ads to interact with planes flying overhead

Wunderman Talking Numbers

27 Jul 2018

Wunderman: Fundación Huesped Talking Numbers

A partnership with Argentine non-profit AIDS awareness group to shake people out of apathy


07 Feb 2018

VMLY&R: New Balance independent since 1906

A rebrand celebrating more than a century of independence

WPP 1218 Google-Essence

07 Feb 2018

Essence: Google The Chain

Cutting through a crowded marketplace

The Weekend

07 Feb 2018

VMLY&R: The last ever issue

Transforming the narrative for women everywhere

WPP 1218 Whopper-Neutrality

07 Feb 2018

DAVID The Agency: Whopper neutrality

The perfect recipe of entertainment and education

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