VML: Movistar’s Anti-Lag Squad

Still from a video game with the text "Anti lag squad" in white

VML: Movistar’s Anti-Lag Squad

Bridging gaming and commerce for seamless connectivity

For gamers, poor internet connection can result in frustrating lags during gameplay, impacting their experience and performance. Traditional methods of promoting internet services often fail to reach this audience effectively, leading to missed opportunities for service providers like Movistar.

VML's innovative solution revolutionised the way internet services are marketed to gamers. By recruiting gaming influencers and empowering them to sell internet services directly in-game, Movistar bridged the gap between gamers and reliable internet access. The Anti-Lag Squad, stationed within the virtual world of GTA V, used the game's telephone system as a 24-hour customer service centre. They identified gamers experiencing connectivity issues and reached out to offer Movistar Fibra, showcasing its endorsement as the fastest internet in Argentina by Ookla speed test.

Movistar’s campaign not only addressed the specific needs of gamers but also transformed the gaming experience into an opportunity for marketing and customer engagement. By integrating seamlessly into the gaming environment, Movistar connected with its target audience in a novel and impactful way, gaining credibility and trust among gamers.