VML, Makerhouse and Mindshare: Ford’s Support Belt

Three women sitting in their cars trialling the Ford Support Belt

VML, Makerhouse and Mindshare: Ford’s Support Belt

Innovating for breast cancer survivors

Mastectomy surgery presents numerous challenges for patients, including discomfort and safety concerns related to wearing traditional seat belts. This issue is often overlooked in mainstream automotive design and there was a clear need for a specialised solution that prioritised both safety and comfort for this demographic.

Ford, known for its commitment to creating a safer and more inclusive world, spearheaded the Support Belt initiative in collaboration with VML. Building upon its history of supporting Breast Cancer research and the Warriors in Pink program, Ford aimed to alleviate obstacles faced by mastectomy patients. The Support Belt, engineered in collaboration with patients, doctors, engineers and designers, is ergonomically designed to ensure safety, comfort and durability. Made from sustainable materials, the belt is non-carcinogenic and addresses key pain points such as wound sensitivity, swelling and discomfort associated with traditional seat belts.

The Support Belt marks Ford as the first automaker to develop a seat belt accessory tailored specifically for mastectomy patients. Distributed through Ford's extensive 3,200 dealership network and hospital partnerships nationwide, the initiative aims to ensure that every mastectomy patient leaves the hospital equipped with this essential safety accessory.

Ford's Support Belt initiative represents a groundbreaking step towards inclusivity and safety in automotive design. By addressing the unique needs of mastectomy patients, Ford not only enhanced safety on the road but also fosters a sense of support and empowerment within the breast cancer community.