VML, BCW and Wavemaker: Colgate’s My Smile is My Superpower

Young girl with brown hair wearing a blue hoodie, sitting in front of an apartment block, looking up to the right and smiling

VML, BCW and Wavemaker: Colgate’s My Smile is My Superpower

Redefining beauty standards with diverse smiles

In a society where conventional beauty standards often overshadow uniqueness, Colgate recognised a concerning trend: 65% of Gen Z felt pressured about their smiles due to idealised portrayals perpetuated by the media. The pressure was eroding confidence and self-esteem among young people. Colgate aimed to overcome this by embracing and celebrating differences – both in people and their smiles. It was critical for them to remind everyone, especially teens and young adults, that the most beautiful smile is the one they own.

In response, Colgate launched the My Smile Is My Superpower campaign in collaboration with VML, aimed at celebrating individual smiles and redefining beauty standards. Award-winning actress Uzo Aduba, known for her gap-toothed smile, joined forces with Colgate to inspire people to embrace their unique smiles, encouraging Gen Z to see their smiles as sources of strength and confidence.

The campaign's centrepiece was an original music video titled "The Beauty of Gaps," set to a whistled rendition of the empowering anthem "Roar." This video celebrated a diverse range of smiles, showcasing the beauty in individuality and emphasising that uniformity does not equate to beauty. Uzo Aduba's partnership with Colgate lent authenticity and credibility to the message, as she shared her personal journey of embracing her unique smile and heritage.

The campaign sparked a powerful conversation about beauty standards and self-acceptance. By spotlighting diverse smiles and promoting a message of inclusivity, the campaign challenged societal norms and encouraged individuals to embrace their unique features.