VML and Mindshare: Hellmann’s Mayo Cat

Grey and white cat called "Mayocat" wearing a bow tie sitting on a stage with 3 jars of mayonnaise in the background

VML and Mindshare: Hellmann’s Mayo Cat

The cat on a mission to save human food

The Super Bowl, while a celebrated event in America, also represents a significant challenge: it's one of the biggest contributors to food waste in the country. Despite good intentions, many people unintentionally waste large amounts of food on this day due to excess and lack of awareness. Hellmann's recognised the need to address this issue and sought to leverage the Super Bowl platform to promote its purpose of reducing food waste in America.

To tackle this challenge, VML collaborated to create Mayo Cat, a charismatic "talking cat" spokesperson for Hellmann's mayonnaise, with the support of Mindshare. Mayo Cat served as a playful reminder to viewers to use Hellmann's to transform leftovers into delicious new dishes, thereby reducing food waste. Backed by comedians Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson, Mayo Cat embarked on a mission to save leftovers and promote Hellmann's message of "make taste not waste."

The campaign successfully blended humour with a meaningful message about food waste reduction, while garnering immense attention with over 18 billion impressions and over 360 earned media placements. With approximately 123.4 million viewers tuning in to watch the Super Bowl LVIII, Hellmann's succeeded in reaching a massive audience with its message to reduce waste.