Ogilvy: Verizon’s Can't B Broken

Beyonce dressed in red putting red sunglasses on her face, standing in front of a red house amidst a group on dancers also dressed in red

Ogilvy: Verizon’s Can't B Broken

Beyoncé can break the internet, but can she break the network?

Ogilvy, Verizon, and Beyoncé collaborated to create “Can’t B Broken” and put the Verizon network to the test in the biggest way possible. On the biggest stage. With the biggest icon there is.

Ogilvy’s and Verizon’s Super Bowl ad sees Beyoncé take on actor and comedian Tony Hale’s challenge to break the unbreakable: Verizon's network. From popping up in pink as Bar-Bey, launching her own AI clone, and even performing in space, Beyoncé goes to extreme lengths to shatter the web.

The ad ends with Beyoncé cryptically saying, "Okay, they ready. Drop the new music." After the spot aired, Beyoncé revealed a new album, 'Act II,' and dropped two new tracks.