Design Bridge and Partners: Aston Martin’s Breakthrough

The Las Vegas Sphere coloured in green with the Aston Martin logo on it

Design Bridge and Partners: Aston Martin’s Breakthrough

Going viral in the entertainment capital of the world

In the midst of the highly competitive Las Vegas Grand Prix 2023, Design Bridge and Partners in collaboration with Woodblock and MHP, orchestrated a breakthrough moment for Aston Martin, the iconic British brand. With the city's first F1® race in over four decades unfolding against the backdrop of the Las Vegas Sphere, the world's largest spherical screen, every brand clamoured for attention in the entertainment capital of the world.

Design Bridge and Partner's strategy was audacious yet innovative: position Aston Martin as the first ultra-luxury car manufacturer to grace the Las Vegas Sphere. This bold move captured the imagination of spectators and fans alike, creating a spectacle that resonated far beyond the racetrack.

The impact of the campaign was remarkable. In just three days following the launch, Aston Martin experienced an unprecedented surge in social media engagement. New Instagram followers skyrocketed by over 180%, while impressions and video views on the platform soared to 4.8 million and 2.7 million, respectively – an increase of 49% and an astonishing 534%. Additionally, shares of Aston Martin content on Instagram surged by an incredible 424%, creating a truly viral moment.

Through strategic collaboration and daring creativity, Design Bridge and Partners not only elevated Aston Martin's presence in the fiercely competitive landscape of the Las Vegas Grand Prix but also catalysed a seismic shift in the brand's digital footprint, cementing Aston Martin's status as a true icon of luxury and performance.