DAVID: Burger King’s Bald Thru

A birds eye view of a balding man standing on a red floor with the text "The Bald Thru" in white

DAVID: Burger King’s Bald Thru

Celebrating Brazilian baldness and driving growth

In Brazil, diverse types of baldness frequently spark lively discussions on social media. Burger King, tapping into this cultural conversation, decided to celebrate a unique type of baldness – the “Bald Thru”. This style features an entry on one side, a passage through the back, and an exit on the other, resembling a drive-thru lane.

The campaign, conceptualised and executed by DAVID São Paulo, included a promotional film showing that anyone with a drive-thru-style baldness, whether natural or not, would receive a complimentary Whopper.

The response to the campaign was extraordinary. In just the first five days, The Bald Thru became the most talked-about topic on social media and in the press across Brazil. During the promotional period, half a million bald customers visited Burger King restaurants nationwide. The promotion saw a staggering 193% increase in drive-thru participation, marking it as the most successful promotion in Burger King’s history in terms of engagement. Social media buzz was immense, with over 22,000 videos and posts being created, capturing the attention and imagination of the public.

Despite the free giveaways, the campaign had a substantial positive impact on sales. Drive-thru sales saw a 32% increase, while overall sales grew by 22% during the promotion period. This remarkable outcome showcased how a creatively executed campaign could not only engage and entertain but also drive significant business results.

By turning a light-hearted aspect of Brazilian culture into a celebratory event, Burger King not only honoured a key audience segment but also boosted its visibility and sales.