Ogilvy: Zalando’s Street It All with Google

Three people standing on the street with a fish eye effect on the camera

Ogilvy: Zalando’s Street It All with Google

Bringing commerce to the virtual streets of Spain

In collaboration with Google Maps and Google Street View, Ogilvy and Zalando pioneered a ground-breaking experience to showcasing fashion with the creation of the industry's first geolocated and shoppable lookbook on Google Street View. This innovative campaign aimed to redefine the commerce experience by seamlessly integrating streetwear into the virtual streets of Spain.

Designed and produced in 360 degrees, the collection allowed users to explore the streets of Spain while discovering the latest streetwear styles. By leveraging Google's platform, Zalando provided consumers with a unique and immersive shopping experience, positioning the brand at the forefront of digital innovation in the fashion industry, while anchoring the collection authentically in streetwear culture.

To drive engagement and reach, the campaign used interactive out-of-home elements, prompting consumers to engage with the collection directly on Google Maps via QR codes. Moreover, by partnering with influential content creators and influencers in Spanish streetwear and fashion, Zalando amplified the campaign's impact on social media. By featuring authentic voices within the industry, the brand fostered organic discussions and excitement surrounding the collection, further enhancing brand awareness and consumer engagement.