Ogilvy: KFC’s Secret Menu

A black and white graphic of KFC Colonel Sanders shushing and the text 'KFC Secret Menu'

Ogilvy: KFC’s Secret Menu

Unlocking appetites through app engagement

KFC wanted to get more people downloading and using its app long-term. Recognising the creativity of KFC staff in crafting unique menu items, KFC partnered with Ogilvy Australia to create a "Secret Menu" hidden within the KFC app.

The Secret Menu featured exclusive creations developed by KFC staff. Accessible only to those who were determined enough to uncover it, the campaign sparked curiosity and excitement among KFC enthusiasts who organically shared the new feature on social platforms.

The impact was immediate and significant. At launch, the Secret Menu campaign saw a remarkable +111% increase in app downloads, with users of the Secret Menu spending 77% more. Impressively, over a nine-month period, the retention rate of app downloads stood at an impressive 61%, indicating sustained engagement and loyalty.

What set the campaign apart was its self-regenerating nature. Each new release on the Secret Menu sparked renewed interest, with social media users and media outlets amplifying the buzz every time a new item was discovered and shared.

By tapping into the ingenuity of its own staff and creating an exclusive experience for app users, KFC not only boosted engagement but also fostered a sense of community and excitement around its brand.