VML: HungerStation’s The Subconscious Order

An eye looking at a universe filled with food

VML: HungerStation’s The Subconscious Order

Using AI to unlock the power of the subconscious mind

On average, an adult spends approximately 132 hours per year looking at menus online before deciding what to eat, resulting in indecision that often leads to making the wrong choice. According to a recent study, the conscious mind can only process 40 bits of information per second, whereas the subconscious mind can process information up to 500,000 times faster.

To help HungerStation customers avoid what psychologists refer to as "Choice Overload," VML Riyadh used the power of data and AI to tap into users' subconscious minds, assisting them in discovering what they truly wanted to eat.

In collaboration with VML's Global Creative Data Team, the 'Find My Craving' campaign was launched across Saudi Arabia. The campaign's centrepiece was the 'Subconscious Order' – a new feature on the HungerStation app that recognised when a person had been scrolling for some time and then helped them determine their true craving. As various cuisines were displayed, a front-facing camera tracked the user's eye interest using advanced algorithms, and then smart AI narrowed down the options and presented a data report of what the user's subconscious mind wanted to eat, along with a list of relevant HungerStation restaurants to order from.

The campaign had a significant impact, both in terms of enhancing the user experience and achieving impressive performance metrics. It garnered widespread attention, generating 2.5m impressions and attracting 630,000 portal visits in a short period. Within the first two weeks, the campaign successfully acquired 78,000 new customers, amounting to a remarkable 6,000 new customers per day.