Mindshare: Nike’s Special Delivery

Nike sneakers on food tray alongside wipe, rose and receipt

Mindshare: Nike’s Special Delivery

Delivering the latest sneakers straight to your door

Streetwear has traditionally been a male-dominated industry. Bucking the trend, Nike announced a sneaker collaboration with Melody Ehsani, fashion designer and Footlocker’s first female creative director. The collection celebrated female empowerment and was targeted at Gen Z women in Australia, meaning a more inclusive approach was needed.

The audience of ‘untameable sneakerheads’ are heavily influenced by Chinese trendsetters and ‘unboxing’ content, which could have easily led to a standard social campaign focused on opening packages of new apparel.

Instead, Mindshare broke convention by partnering with Easi – the top food delivery service for Chinese users in Australia – to create a Footlocker House of Hoops ‘restaurant’ on the app. This allowed sneakerheads to order exclusive new shoes as easily as a bowl of noodles.

Available within a 5km radius of Melbourne, the limited-edition sneakers were stocked up and ready for distribution 24 hours before launch. There were 26,000 visitors to the House of Hoops restaurant and 15,000 order attempts.

The shoes sold out in less than 20 seconds, generating earned media coverage that reached 3.5 million people and establishing Nike as a truly inclusive brand for a new generation of sneakerheads.