VMLY&R: Maxx Flash’s The Killer Pack

Killer pack packaging

VMLY&R: Maxx Flash’s The Killer Pack

Packaging designed to prevent a health crisis

India accounts for the 58% of malaria cases in the South-East Asia region, as well as 35% of global dengue infections.

Both of these potentially life-threatening diseases are carried and spread by mosquitoes. Indians use mosquito repellent products to fight mosquitoes inside the home, but disease control authorities pointed at new breeding grounds popping outside homes at garbage collection points where mosquitoes lay eggs in shallow, stagnant water. This creates a vicious cycle.

VMLY&R worked with Maxx Flash to develop a new kind of packaging for mosquito repellent coils to help fight a rising number of Dengue and Malaria cases. While the non-toxic coils inside the package can be used to repel mosquitoes indoors, the disposable packaging kills mosquitos early in their life cycle.

When the Killer Pack packaging is disposed of in the places where mosquitoes concentrate, the pack breaks down and the lining, which contains 5% active probiotic bacillus thuringiensis, kills mosquito larvae within a 45-foot radius.

The packaging has received approval by WHO, as well as the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the Indian Council of Medical Research.