Wunderman Thompson: Avon’s This Is My Colour

Wunderman Thompson's campaign for Avon - woman standing in a grassy field

Wunderman Thompson: Avon’s This Is My Color

Partnering with a global beauty brand to step up the fight against racism

Women’s empowerment and the fight for diversity are two important parts of Avon’s DNA. As part of their commitment to help repair historical injustices, the beauty brand launched a study to understand the diversity of black skin hues and tones in Brazil. The research revealed that 70% of Black and Brown women in Brazil were not satisfied with the products targeted at the Black community and available in the national market.

Informed by this report, Avon and Wunderman Thompson Brazil launched This Is My Color, a campaign to introduce a new colour palette created by makeup artist Daniele da Mata, one of the leading experts in Black skin in Brazil, and the American scientist Candice DeLeo Novack, Head of Eye and Face Product Development and Technical Product Design at Avon. Together the two experts synthesised the widest possible range of hues and tones of Black skin in Brazil, giving authenticity to each product in the new line.

This Is My Color was co-produced by Coletivo Mooc and Damasco, and aired on TV, digital, OOH, social and radio.