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04 Sep 2023

Navigating Singapore's strategic role global brands

Location is vital when serving global brands from APAC, opines Sumegha Rao of WPP@Unilever Singapore

View from the river of WPP's Amsterdam Campus

30 Aug 2023

The Netherlands: nexus of innovation and expansion

Country Manager of WPP in the Netherlands, Eric Kramer, discusses how Dutch businesses succeed around the world and how WPP's Amsterdam Campus is helping global companies tap into Dutch talent right in the heart of the EU

Image of car being built

22 Aug 2023

B2B shopping: seamless and digital

Hugh Fletcher of WPP’s Wunderman Thompson and Naji El-Arifi of WPP’s Wunderman Thompson Commerce explain what the future B2B shopper is looking for – and it includes a much better digital experience

Woman holding magnifying glass to five stars

18 Aug 2023

CX marks the spot

Cat Jolly, at WPP’s EssenceMediacom, explains why an exceptional B2B customer experience (CX) separates winners from losers

Michael Sussman

18 Aug 2023

30 years of making smart decisions for brands

We speak to Michael Sussman of WPP's BAV on the 30th anniversary of the BAV product

Busy city scene with neon signs and people walking

08 Aug 2023

Getting to grips with brand marketing in Japan

WPP’s Mike Busby says that brand marketing in Japan still lags product marketing – not surprising given Japan’s reputation for high standards, engineering excellence and best practice in product design. But brand marketing is valuable too

Helen Brown

20 Jul 2023

Resilience is vital to brand engagement

WPP’s Group Director of Crisis Management and Business Resilience, Helen Brown, explains why a company’s resilience capability is an important factor in brand engagement

Media Buying Platform and Programmatic Marketing Concept - 3D Illustration

11 Jul 2023

SPO media-buying made clearer and cleaner

Axel Jonuschies of WPP’s GroupM explains how supply path optimisation (SPO) is bringing clarity, sustainability and efficiency to media-buying

Crowd of people crossing a road

10 Jul 2023

Heralding a new age of values

Rebecca Grant of WPP’s BCW says that understanding consumers’ and businesses’ values is the key to superior audience engagement

Bill Burkart

15 Jun 2023

Account-based marketing: a pebble in the pond

Account-based marketing (ABM) should work in the same way as a pebble in a pond; it should create a ripple effect with existing customers at the centre, says Bill Burkart of WPP’s Wunderman Thompson’s B2B practice area

Mae Karwowski

01 Jun 2023

Obviously: influencer marketing made simple

Mae Karwowski – CEO of WPP’s recently acquired company Obviously – says that companies turn to Obviously to access the world of influencers as easily as possible

Circles on blue background

22 May 2023

The secrets of a successful spin

Spinning a new, independent company out of an established company is no mean feat. Focus is so often on financial and strategic goals, but the human challenges are the ones to watch

Image on red and purple background of hand, phone and himmingbird

16 May 2023

B2B: invest in experience to deliver on inspiration

B2B: invest in experience to deliver on inspiration

Image representing a brain on blue background with people walking around it

04 May 2023

The B2B boom: don’t let these myths bust your momentum

Despite the surge in B2B marketing, most marketers aren’t tailoring their storytelling to reach their target audiences. Selena Cameron of WPP’s content marketing agency SJR debunks some common B2B myths

Collage of hearts, magnifying glass and hands on red and purple background

27 Apr 2023

B2B marketing – be moving and motivational

Let’s be done with clichéd stock images. B2B might deliver different messages from B2C, but that’s no reason not to inspire, touch, move and motivate. James Irvine and Simon Law of WPP’s Wunderman Thompson talk us through the rationale for inspirational B2B

A fantasy, science fiction concept of a woman standing in front of a glowing mystical portal. In a universe of stars

28 Feb 2023

On our minds – and on your radar

What should companies watch out for as this year unfurls? Marie Stafford at WPP’s Wunderman Thompson Intelligence bundles up dozens of trends into five key ‘watch outs’ for 2023

People walking through archways with light at the end

20 Feb 2023

It’s all about how to grow and resilience

‘The 2030 Forecast’ from Ogilvy Consulting sets out the 10 challenges facing humanity – largely resulting from its own hand. Carla Hendra says companies must meet these challenges head on if they are to grow