The metaverse: new ground for creative transformation

Graphic of a person in the metaverse

The metaverse: new ground for creative transformation

In response to the metaverse explosion, we explore the opportunities for brands to build new relationships with consumers

Illustration of the metaverse featuring man in a space suit, virtuality reality headset, whale, planets and social media icons

An escapist’s dream: the metaverse

The metaverse can only ever be as safe as we allow ourselves to be, says Friederike Sandow. But we don’t need to safeguard fantasy, we need to safeguard ourselves

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In game image showing car with Red Bull advertising on

Confidence for brands advertising in-game

WPP and Anzu explain what the Media Rating Council (MRC) and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) guidelines mean for brands and agencies

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Person sat in a chair watching TV with a backdrop of nature including trees, rabbits, deer and birds

We must learn from our mistakes

It is vital for us to learn from our mistakes before it’s too late to safeguard the next version of the internet, the metaverse, writes Christina Fusco-House

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Metaverse and More Academy

Discussing a range of metaverse and Web 3 topics with experts from WPP and special guests. The podcast series provides a foundation for emerging Web 3 trends, covers established concepts and tracks new developments in the area

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New possibilities powered by creativity in India

Both the accolades and the ideas associated with WPP’s use of technologies that underpin the metaverse stand out in India

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Man wearing VR technology interacting with virtual elements   
Mark Read headshot on metaverrse background with World Economic Forum logo

We need to make the metaverse safe for everyone. Here's how

Our CEO Mark Read explores the exciting potential for businesses and metaverse users, and the need to design better algorithms and business models that put safety first


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Virtual worlds

Why the metaverse is a chance for us to rethink how advertising is done 

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Virtual worlds

The metaverse: the next frontier

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Augmented reality

Liminal retail: digitising physical shopping

How retailers are bringing the metaverse into the physical world

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What does the NFT revolution mean for brands?

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Image of gaming environment

Virtual worlds

Gaming and the metaverse

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The metaverse workforce

Teleportation, holograms and roaming avatars – this isn’t sci-fi, it’s the future of work

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Helping clients embrace opportunities in the metaverse

Wendy's character in different games

30 Mar 2022

VMLY&R: Super Wendy’s World

How Wendy’s and VMLY&R established brand presence in virtual worlds

Glass blocks representing the metaverse

06 Jan 2022

AKQA: P&G's BeautySphere

P&G steps into the metaverse to launch BeautySphere, a brave new world imagined and built by AKQA

Golden bull in the middle of lots of exploding bottles of Frank’s RedHot sauce bottles

Grey: Frank’s RedHot Bonecoin

Using NFTs to breathe new life into an age-old tactic: contests

Genesis Curry Flow NFT

30 Mar 2022

Berlin Cameron: Genesis Curry Flow NFTs

The metaverse is real – just ask Under Armour