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The future shopper report 2021: what shoppers want from digital experiences

Wunderman Thompson explores how to future-proof your commerce offering

Hastened by the pandemic, shopping has changed. We've seen marketplaces strengthen their positions, an abundance of new direct-to-consumer (D2C) offerings pop up, advances in social commerce and the rise of the aggregators.

To succeed online, it's vital that businesses know how consumers are shopping across channels and markets, and how they will shop in the future. Armed with these insights, powerful strategies can be formulated. 

Surveying 28,000 consumers across 17 different markets, Wunderman Thompson’s Future Shopper Report aims to guide executives with their implementation strategies, services, and technology plans to meet customers' shifting digital shopping expectations.  

The rise of online commerce  

Consumers shared the view that digital commerce has been a saving grace during the pandemic.  

  •  73% of global shoppers said ecommerce will be more important to them this year
  •  62% of global shoppers will increase their use of digital shopping channels in the future  
  •  51% of spend will be online post-pandemic, according to the global shoppers surveyed     

Omni-channel is the future

Research showed encouraging volumes of shoppers returning to the high street.  

  • 64% of shoppers say that they prefer to shop with brands that have both online and offline presence  
  • 59% of consumers wished brands would communicate seamlessly across all channels  
  • 41% of global shoppers admit that they are still concerned about shopping in-store in the wake of the pandemic

Amazon dominates the customer journey 

Digital commerce has changed the customer journey significantly. One retailer leading the charge is Amazon.

  • 38% of global shoppers search for products on Amazon
  • 14% of all online spend is through Amazon
  • 1-in-5 rate Amazon best for value in Asia, behind Tmall, Taobao and Lazada

Delivery must be fast  

One of the key battlegrounds in digital commerce is fulfilment. 

  •  30% of global shoppers expect delivery with 24 hours
  •  48% of shoppers globally said they want faster delivery
  •  66% of shoppers say marketplaces are the best for speedy delivery         

Consumers want digital innovation  

Shoppers feel more comfortable using digital technology in the wake of the pandemic; and the findings provide a similarly clear message about consumer appetite for digital innovation.

  •  66% of global shoppers wish brands and retailers would be more digitally innovative  
  •  60% are more likely to purchase from a brand if it is more digitally innovative  
  •  62% of global shoppers are excited about stores with no checkouts such as Amazon Go  

The Future Shopper Report reveals new research into the evolving nature of retail and analyses key consumer trends, to help prepare your business for what comes next.

For more insights and analysis, download Wunderman Thompson’s Future Shopper Report 2021

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published on

21 July 2021


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