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Driving growth with D2C

How to benefit from a robust direct-to-consumer (D2C) ecommerce strategy

The rise of digital commerce is already transforming how customers shop, and the trend is accelerating. Customers are buying via ecommerce now more than ever.

Last year the pandemic significantly increased the adoption of digital services. New technologies, new platforms and new consumer expectations are all on the rise, and brands should prepare for a ripple effect of changing habits with wide-reaching impact across all sales channels.

Brands need a direct-to-consumer (D2C) digital strategy to come out on top of this disruption and lead the market in the future. D2C offers brands more intimate and resilient relationships with their customers so they can create more insightful and effective brand experiences, setting them apart from competitors. 

Drawing on expert analysis from Ogilvy, commerce tools, Verticurl, and leading industry brands, Driving Growth with D2C reveals the three pillars of D2C advantage:

D2C creates unique online shopping experiences for brand differentiation

  • Personalise customer experiences with services and communications tailored to their needs
  • Customise shopping experiences to your brand and category
  • Integrate digital commerce with social media for effective influencer campaigns
  • Make any touchpoint where your customers are connecting shoppable

D2C empowers ownership of your customer data

  • Gain intimate knowledge of your customers and invaluable insights to drive your innovation strategy
  • Design customer experiences with a data-driven edge
  • Giving data away to marketplaces could empower competitors with insights about your customers
  • Acquiring data from third parties will become more limited with increasing privacy concerns
  • Customers are more likely to willingly share data when they get a better shopping experience in return

D2C drives necessary brand leadership

  • Make data and technology the priority for your organisation
  • Integrate your digital commerce team with people from across all functions
  • Adopt an agile management system to run small micro-services teams in parallel
  • Recruit top tech talent with a growth mindset to roll out new functions
  • Implement a “headless” commerce system where your backend digital commerce API will work with endless user touchpoints or “heads”

For more insights and analysis download Driving Growth with D2C


published on

12 August 2021



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