HeadlightVision joins Red Cell

1 Jun 2002

Following on from the acquisition of the New York creative agency Berlin Cameron & Partners in December and the appointment of Lee Daley and Andy Berlin as Co-CEO's, Red Cell Network WPP's newest global communications services network has acquired HeadlightVision a leading research and strategic consultancy.

HeadlightVision a London based company specialises in global intelligence and has established over the past five years a unique place in the research and consulting market through the development of four global intelligence products which underpin their approach to market:

1) ‘Global Behavioural Energies' looks at macro global trends.
2) ‘Global Streetscapes' looks at global urban energies.
3) ‘D-Code' is a totally proprietary analysis of leading edge youth culture and youth marketing and communications.
4) ‘ENGAGE' focuses on connecting and communicating with 50-75 year olds and examines the new rules of aging in the global grey market.

Crawford Hollingworth Founder and CEO of HeadlightVision said

"With global intelligence products at our core and with our ambition to become a truly global company, it was obvious we needed to extend our and compliment our existing operational capability. We were looking for a strategic partnership and scale. With the WPP relationship and the visionary leadership and ambition of Red Cell Network, we believe we have found the perfect home, one that will allow us to better serve our existing Clients, realise the full potential of our existing products and develop unique applications for our intellectual property".

Lee Daley Co-CEO and Chief Strategic Officer of Red Cell Network who is responsible for the development of the network architecture and business strategy stated

"We are building Red Cell Networks position in the market with very clear goals and values. We are aggregating outstanding companies, brilliant strategic minds and cutting edge creative competencies in order to become the most intelligent and challenging, contemporary creative network. We recognise that our global context is very different than that of the previous generations of communications networks. Scale of talent and global corporate i.q. is now more important than scale of operations. Ours is a qualitative approach and this marriage fits perfectly.

HeadlightVision is a truly unique company, the most creative intelligence company in the world, and while we will nurture and enhance their development they in turn offer us a global consumer insight capability that will allow us to develop universal strategic brand and content ideas for our Clients. They offer us a knowledge infrastructure that is unique in the design and has multiple business applications. We will work in strategic partnership while allowing HeadlightVision autonomy and independence to develop their business."