MediaCom: Uber Eats' Japan Heatwave Activation

UberEats Japan on a phone screen

MediaCom: Uber Eats' Japan Heatwave Activation

Unlocking growth audiences in Japan using data and technology

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Personalisation is no longer just a tactical tool, but a sustainable growth strategy that allows brands to build trust with consumers. In the case of Uber Japan, personalised targeting not only reduced churn and improved customer lifetime value but also helped the brand identify and unlock new audiences, leading to further growth.

Uber Eats already had a significant market share in Japan, but there were opportunities to reach out to the 40+ age group. This demographic had high disposable income but low brand awareness and often perceived online food delivery as not for them. Additionally, their media consumption behavior was erratic, making it difficult to capture their attention.

Mediacom saw this as a perfect opportunity for Uber Japan to build an addressable system and achieve personalization at scale. Leverage data and technology to find peaks in orders, identify momentary data signals, plan assets and platforms, and use dynamic creative templates to deliver messages that speak directly to individuals across Japan. made it possible to deliver at the same time.

The addressable campaign greatly improved brand recognition and consideration among Japanese people aged 40 and over. By leveraging data and technology, Uber Eats was able to reach over 50 million individuals aged 40 and over with personalised messages. The campaign resulted in a 19% increase in click-through rate on the Google Ad Network, a 49%+ increase in view-through rate on Instagram, and the development and delivery of 250+ different creatives.