Ogilvy: Hindustan Lever Start a Little Good


Ogilvy: Hindustan Lever Start a Little Good

A series of video spots tackling sustainability priorities

“Start a little good” is a consumer campaign bringing sustainability to life for millions in India and showing how everyone can make a positive difference through small actions.

First, a series of video spots each tackled one of Hindustan Lever’s sustainability priorities in an accessible and engaging way. Now a series of “Plastic becomes fantastic” events are underway, including clean-up drives in parks, beaches and other public spaces with the rubbish collected being recycled to create new, useful objects such as benches, spectacle frames and fishing nets.

No more litter

On the occasion of his birthday, a public holiday in India, this campaign reminded everyone of how Mahatma Gandhi lived his philosophy – be the change you want to see. The spot shows actors dressed as Gandhi visiting busy streets in Mumbai, where they pick up recently dropped litter and put it in the bin – highlighting how easy it can be to change bad habits.

Saving water

This emotive spot placed a shower in a poor rural village in one of the driest areas of India. It highlighted why saving water is so important and how everyone can get involved – half the village could drink the water they need in the time it takes for the average Indian city dweller to take a shower.

Tackling plastic waste

This spot showed a cow in danger from eating plastic waste. Though the topic is serious, the spot uses humour to make its point. It shows how the villagers come together to rescue the animal – an example of how we all need to play a part in tackling sustainability issues.

The Saving Water video received 79 million views and reached 130 million people between December 2018 and February 2019.