AKQA: AACD Hospital Friendly Arms


AKQA: AACD Hospital Friendly Arms

A small kindness makes the biggest difference

The Association of Assistance for Disabled Children (AADC) provides treatment and healing for children with physical disabilities. AKQA and AACD Hospital, through the beautifully animated Friendly Arms, wanted to bring to life the resilient power of gentleness, compassion, and determination seen every day at the hospital.

AKQA São Paulo created the intimate and sensitive film illustrating how friendship, love and perseverance will always triumph. The animation expresses how a shy boy without arms is encouraged to dance without inhibition thanks to the playful encouragement of friends. The film’s protagonist is inspired by Samuel, a boy who received treatment from AACD Hospital after losing both arms while kite flying. Norwegian artist Mari Persen’s emotive track ‘Leo’ provides the vibrant rhythm for the film.

Produced by AKQA, Mono Studios and Prodigo, the film is the centrepiece of a communications strategy that reached 12 million+ people.