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In the southernmost tip of Africa, an exciting initiative has emerged – The OG Creative Technology Academy (OGCTA). It represents the fusion of grassroots African creativity with cutting-edge technology, creating a platform for innovation.

With the core mission to empower young African talent, OG CTA identifies and supports untapped, high-potential individuals in technology and creativity. Giving them a global stage to showcase their abilities. This addresses the pressing issue of youth unemployment in South Africa, offering opportunities and resources to those facing economic and social challenges.

What sets OG CTA apart is its strong focus on partnerships. With support from industry leaders like Ogilvy South Africa (OSA), local talent incubators, and the WPP network, this initiative collaborates to drive meaningful change. The Academy trains specialists across Data, UX, UI, and AI, blending African creativity with specialized learning experiences. The ultimate goal is to export African creativity worldwide, highlighting local talents and solutions on the global stage. The aim is to redefine the future of advertising, with Creative Technologists merging tech and African creativity to innovate campaigns, transforming industries, and overcoming barriers.

OG CTA isn't just nurturing talent; it's paving the way for a future where creativity and technology work hand in hand to reshape the world.