Secrets and Lies

Secrets and Lies

Secrets and Lies is a research study that explores the difference between what consumers in Australia and New Zealand say vs. what they really think – comparing public values reported with private truths.

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Secrets and Lies chapter 6 front cover "Fact, fiction + what's new in 22"

Chapter six: Fact, Fiction + What's New in 22

The first five chapters of Secrets & Lies set out to measure the differences between what we say and what we really think. The secrets we have and the lies we tell. For chapter six, we revisit key themes uncovered in the first five reports, asking the same questions to measure changes in perception during the past four years. Some of the findings are surprising. Others are shocking. Thankfully, many are also reassuring.

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Secrets and Lies chapter five front cover

Chapter five: Language: The New Rules of the Game

Language is one of the most powerful forces available to humanity. We all think we know the rules of language, but our collective education is out of date. Tech has changed these rules forever. This report looks at how specific industries can write their own rules when it comes to the language they use.

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Secrets and Lies chapter 4 front cover

Chapter four: Humanity + The Machine

Technology plays a crucial role in how we function as a society, and this report explores our relationship with tech and the innovative ways emerging technologies are reshaping how we work, live, transact and be part of communities. How do we really feel about the role of technology in our lives? And where do ethics fit in a global pandemic when the old rules no longer apply?

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Secrets and Lies chapter three front cover

Chapter three: Ageless & Booming

This report uncovers the lies we've been telling ourselves about Australians and New Zealanders over the age of 50. This report explores our relationship with age, how do we view people over 50 and what drives these perceptions? More importantly, we reveal just how badly we get it wrong.

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Front cover of secrets and lies publication chapter 2

Chapter two: Uncovering the Underbelly of National Identity

Launching in 2019, this research focuses on the relationship we have with our country and how this relates back to our identity. What are our hopes, dreams, and anxieties about the Australia/New Zealand of tomorrow? Do our long held "truths" about who we are and what we want as a nation, still hold up? And what does this all mean for our business leaders, marketers, and policymakers?

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Front cover of secrets and lies publication chapter 1

Chapter one: Personal and Social Identity

Chapter one, launched in late 2018, put our personal and social identity under the microscope. It revealed we lie a lot, and not just little white lies. We regularly lie about money, family, finances, our job, and happiness and keep big secrets from our partners, family, and friends. But in these cracks of normal human behaviour are interesting opportunities for brands and organisations to engage in new ways.

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