Hogarth: Originals

Founded by Chi-chi Nwanoku in 2015, Originals is Europe’s first professional orchestra made up of mostly black and ethnically diverse musicians. Originals breaks down barriers by championing change, celebrating diversity, challenging the status quo, and disproving age old myths that reverberate through creative industries today. In standing for excellence and intentionally prioritising marginalised groups, it asserts the importance and contribution of black and ethnically diverse presences to the world of classical arts.

Hogarth will channel Originals experiences to help bring about the racial equity change it has committed to through positive disruption of its talent pipeline, providing apprenticeships for black creators and makers, and giving them platforms to share their work and excel in their careers. Through its Black Excellence Programme, Hogarth will create a diverse talent ‘think-tank’ space to bring true diversity of thought to its racial equity projects and clients. This will also serve as a diverse source to the creative production process.

This partnership provides Hogarth with the invaluable opportunity to learn from Originals’ vision and experience, applying those learnings to bring about the same transformation to the creative world.