Ogilvy: Football Australia’s Til it’s Done

Australian female football player holding ball

Ogilvy: Football Australia’s Til it’s Done

Rallying support for the Australian football team during the FIFA Women’s World Cup and beyond

Released just weeks prior to the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup kick-off in Australia and New Zealand, Til it’s Done sought to rally Australia around the national team, the CommBank Matildas, who exhibited a never-say-die attitude during the FIFA Women’s World Cup. 

The campaign shows key players – including captain Sam Kerr, Ellie Carpenter, Mary Fowler, Tameka Yallop, Lydia Williams, Teagan Micah, Clare Polkinghorne and Katrina Gorry – and their complete dedication to winning the FIFA World Cup. 

The tagline ‘We’re not done, til it’s done’ demonstrates the very essence of the Australian national team and their committed approach. Filmed in just one afternoon to accommodate the team’s gruelling training regime, the production and creative teams worked closely with coaching staff to ensure the true essence of the players was captured.

The campaign’s OOH imagery lists the milestones, from the team’s early struggles – including wearing men’s hand-me-down kits – to their phenomenal success at the World Cup, where 11.7m people watched them live. Yet a number of ambitions remain uncrossed, including: ‘grassroots football gets funded’ and ‘we bring it at the 2024 Paris Olympics.’ 


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