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A division of Wunderman, Wunderman Health unites creativity and data to inspire action around personal health and wellbeing. CREATIVELY DRIVEN. DATA INSPIRED. Wunderman Health uses proprietary, connected data assets and predictive analytics so clients can identify, engage and retain customers. Our insights create a 360-degree view of customers – to shape every aspect of marketing, communications and sales strategies. MULTICHANNEL, ALWAYS ON. Wunderman Health believes in creative that crosses multiple channels – mobile, social, email, Web and in-office – to be present and always on with our clients’ customers. By mapping and tracking the touchpoints and channel interactions of customers, we help build superior brand experiences and improve share of voice. CUSTOMER FOCUSED. Our mantra is engage, empower and help individuals. Wunderman Health is focused on humanizing the customer journey and driving better health outcomes. For HCPs, this means helping doctors help patients. For patients, it means supporting them to make better decisions. ACTION & RESULTS ORIENTED. We drive consistent and measurable results for our clients. Wunderman Health uses its intimate knowledge of how to market to consumers and HCPs to design effective campaigns. We are set up for scale, speed and efficiency at a global level.
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