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At TSP we turn customers into advocates, and conversations into sales. From building your brand reputation in social and managing your everyday social channels to enlisting advocates in support of new product stories and transforming social investment into social revenue, we have the ROI proven solution you’re looking for. OVER 11 YEARS’ EXPERIENCE TSP started out as a full-service Word of Mouth agency which then evolved with the advent of Social. We are specialists at starting peer-to-peer conversations. With the few who shape culture and/or the many whose opinions are sought-after, trusted and followed by others. Everything we do is purposed to spread real, human stories that make big brand ideas more credible, believable and heard. THE PROBLEMS WE SOLVE Accelerate awareness & adoption, Increase frequency & value of spend, Turn customer into advocates, Increase customer loyalty, Establish social as a trading platform, Reach new audiences, Overcome negative perceprions, Demistify complex stories, Justify premium pricing, Be heard, Differenciate, Be talked about. WPP TEAM EXPERIENCE We play nicely with others. We’ve successfully integrated in a number of WPP Teams: Team P&G (EMEA, UK, DE, FR, 12 brands, 4 years), Team News (The Sun, The Times The Sunday Times), Team Allianz (Global, ongoing, 5 years), Team SEAT (Global, UK) Team Volvo (ongoing, UK), Team GSK (Oral care EMEA). AWARD WINNING 2015 Forrester Global Groundswell winner for social reach in the B2C category for Wilkinson Sword (beating Adidas & FIFA around the World Cup and Coke). Gold Effie winner for P&G Lenor (with Grey & Mediacom). WARC Grand Prix winner for GSK Aquafresh.
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