Scholz & Friends Family

The Scholz & Friends Family is, as a multi-specialist for a new marketing era, one of the leading agency groups for communications and marketing services in the German-speaking region. Scholz & Friends Family includes Scholz & Friends, RessourcenReich and Blumberry (included in the information on this page). gkk dialog Group and deepblue networks are also part of the group. Since January 2022 VMLY&Rx, VMLY&R Commerce Germany and The Argonauten were integrated into the Scholz & Friends Family as well. Together we offer a broad spectrum of communication services and bring their expertise together to create cutting-edge brand and customer experience. Scholz & Friends Family has been a part of the VMLY&R network since 2020.Scholz & Friends has been playing in the top group of German creative agencies for more than four decades and is the most creative agency in Germany in 2020. In 2021 Scholz & Friends has been the Best German Agency in the WARC Creative 100 Ranking as well as in The Drum World Creative Ranking.