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Mando's Fixed Fee Sales Promotion Video With 40 years’ experience worldwide, Mando is the originator of Fixed Fee Sales Promotions and the most qualified promotional risk management company on the planet. As a result of their experience, they have attained a wealth of knowledge on sales promotions in over 35 countries. Through covering over 3,000 promotions for an array of blue chip brands it enables them to accurately estimate the success of any promotional mechanic in any given country. Mando then eliminates all risk away from the promotion by providing a safety net and guaranteeing the cost of that promotion from the very outset. Mando consultants advise on the best combination of mechanic and premium to achieve the most cost-effective campaign results. Through knowledge, stability and innovation, Mando can give your brand the confidence to host promotions more powerful, and creative than ever before. Supplementary to this service, Mando also offers a comprehensive handling and fulfilment operation with a call centre, web shop integration and international dispatching capabilities. Uniquely, Mando dedicates a single project manager for a client's brand across all customer care and in-house handling facilities, a factor that has earned the company a number of trade accolades over the years.
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