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Kantar IBOPE Media, part of Kantar Media, is a global leader in media intelligence, providing clients with the data they need to make informed decisions on all aspects of media measurement, monitoring and selection. Kantar IBOPE Media employs approximately 3,500 people, with operations in 15 countries across Latin America. Kantar IBOPE Media combines the global technical expertise and leadership of Kantar Media with the more than 70 years’ expertise and tradition of media consumption in the Latin American market. Kantar IBOPE Media is now the world’s biggest TV audience measurement company operating in almost 50 countries. Our brand promise Powering Informed Decisions reinforces our commitment to offering accurate, relevant information on consumption, performance and media investment to over 400 customers – media vehicles, advertising agencies and advertisers - in decision-making on media investments and optimization of the final result. Supported by three pillars: measurement, qualification and efficiency, Kantar IBOPE Media delivers data and analysis to the market – from the planning phase to measurement of the results of campaigns and actions. To this end, the company continually invests to offer an innovative and dynamic solutions portfolio to meet the frequent transformations of the Latin American media market and its consumption.
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