Grey Shopper

Grey Shopper is our shopper marketing and brand activation agency. Experts in persuading people to buy, they talk directly to the shopper, rather than the consumer (we know they're not always the same person). Grey Shopper specialise in creating ideas that get clients' brands on the till receipt. Studies show that most purchase decisions are made at the point of sale. An idea should work hardest where it will have the biggest influence on sales. That's why together, we treat the retail environment as an essential creative platform to bring ideas to life. Grey Shopper drives people along the path to purchase, all the way from brand awareness to the till. Based on years of experience with major international clients, they've also developed a number of unique shopper marketing tools and techniques designed to make our campaigns even more effective. These include: pre-live campaign evaluation, path to purchase planning, and client workshops to understand the potential of shopper.
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