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When people ask what makes GCI different, it seems only natural to refer to what our clients say about us. According to them, we are innovative, dedicated and the kind of partner they would want during a time of crisis. They have also told us that we are always there when we are needed and are great at delivering the unexpected. Such accolades are tied directly to fact that we have some of the best thinkers (and doers) in the business. Our work reflects the creatively driven mindset of our people at every level of the organization. We know that the best communications strategies need to be grounded in creative thinking in order to break through the myriad of options that consumers have today for getting news and information. More than ever, creativity is a “must have” as opposed to “value-add.” That is also why we approach creative ideation without media parameters. The key is to reach the target audience in a memorable way and to ultimately make a business impact.
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