For over 20 years Compas has partnered with the industry’s leading media providers, as well as up-and-coming innovators – representing all channels and tactics – positioning them for success with healthcare clients and agencies. Compas’ strong partnerships with media providers along with the massive volume of multi-channel healthcare media we buy, enable us to purchase media at the lowest rates in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. While our clients often have preferred status with many top tier media providers, because we aggregate our purchases across our entire client roster of over 200 brands, the volume of our media purchases is significantly larger than any client or agency can generate on their own. Compas combines the purchasing power of our individual clients to generate incremental savings above the best prices a client or their agency can earn on their own and our clients share in the savings we generate. This leveraged approach gives Compas the unique ability to provide self-funded services that significantly reduce costs, and return savings that improve our clients’ bottom line year over year.
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