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Successful businesses genuinely care about making people’s lives better. They strive to create better futures for their customers, their staff and their brand. That’s the kind of business we are, and these are the kind of businesses we work with. At Colmar Brunton, we work alongside our clients to craft brands people love, experiences they’ll never forget and communications which move and inspire people. Quite simply, businesses will be more successful and profitable in the long run if they show they care. Two Kiwis with a passion for taking consumer research ‘from the backroom to the boardroom’ formed Colmar Brunton in 1981. Today, we are New Zealand’s best known and most trusted market & social research company with offices in Auckland and Wellington, employing more than 100 people. Businesses need leading edge thinking to operate in a fast moving, globally connected market and Colmar Brunton’s membership of the global Kantar network places leading R&D at our clients’ fingertips.
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