Cleartag runs and evolves as a work in progress. It is a platform for experimentation, innovation, and discovery. Core to our culture is a desire to shape a world that is digitally connected and technologically empowered. With over a decade of experience in cutting-edge technology and design, Cleartag is a provider of digital solutions in the MENA region, always on the look out for client partnerships that push the envelope. At Cleartag, people come first. We solve the problems. Technology is our toolset: an enabler, connector, and entertainer. We use technology to help clients get their messages and services across in ways that are vastly faster, easier, and deeper. Through technology, we help them engage and delight their customers, tap new audiences, launch new products, ensure higher ROIs, all while maintaining their lead ahead of the curve (and herd). Our technology palette is pretty colorful: web, mobile, cloud, analytics, automation, natural language processing, natural user interfaces, and the list goes on. A ‘work in progress’, just like Cleartag. The reach and range of our technology prowess reflects the increasingly different problems we solve for different clients
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