At Chemistry, we believe a powerful creative idea can change the world. Because it can not only change how people think and feel, it can also change their behaviour. We are Ireland’s most creative agency. With an unmatched record in ICAD, the Irish creative awards, we are also the only Irish agency to have won at Cannes, D&AD and the One Show. But for us, creativity is never an end in itself. Its sole purpose is to realise our clients’ marketing objectives. Our most powerful creative ideas always come from insights based on a thorough understanding of the context within which the idea needs to operate. Our best creative ideas clearly match marketing intent with consumer need. We do this through a process we call “Creative Planning”. Contrary to popular practice, we do not believe that consumers ever usefully respond to propositions. They do, however, feel really comfortable expressing opinions about ads. With Creative Planning, we formulate a large number of insights and hypotheses, from a wide range of sources from quantitative data to social media analytics. From these we create propositions (which the consumer will never see) and develop them into ads. We then use focus groups, not to find the best ad (although that may be a fortunate by-product of the process) but to understand what the real issues are that affect the situation we are trying to influence. Creative Planning is the most efficient way of developing really powerful creative ideas. Creative Planning helped us discover the market for women’s pensions for Irish Life, and effectively own the category. It helped us take Coors Light from being a niche beer in a declining market to Ireland’s number 1 in bottle and number 3 in draught. It enabled us to bring a forgotten icon of Irish childhood back to life, by running Mr Tayto in the 2007 General Election. Creative Planning helped us reposition the Irish NGO Trócaire. And Creative Planning has been central to the transformation of consumer perceptions of eircom, Ireland’s largest telecommunications provider. We love to create work that is visually beautiful. We love to create work that is controversial, work that gets people talking. And we love to create work that engages on a deep emotional level, or simply makes you laugh. But above all we love work that works.
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