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Visit www.accountbase.com ( a GroupM company) for more details on Programmatic ABM We operate mostly in B2B markets and offer the world's leading Account Based Marketing technology platform togehter with data-driven marketing solutions to support on a a range of demand generation services. Our mission is to help our customers engage with theirs! Our offer encompasses a wide range of Global and pan-EMEA data & demand generation services: - World's leading platform for Account Based Advertising : IP Targeting geotargetng persona based targeting (demographics behavioural) -End-To-End Lead Generation and Account Based Marketing solutions - Marketing Automation Outsourcing - Pan-European demand generation programs through multi-country telemarketing through our "Team Celsius"‚Äč national call center partners. - Database consolidation, cleansing, de-duping, formatting and normalising. - Data enrichment and enhancement - industry codes, employee size, contacts, emails. - Data and market intelligence through modelling and predictive analysis. For this we use our range of market models, delivering a view of the available universe in all European countries and in all industries.
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