Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Chicago, Cavalry is the agency for brands that want to punch above thier weight, whatever their size. We think in terms of setting a tone in a category, not just growing within one.Cavalry is a standalone agency with the full creative and media-buying power of the WPP network at its disposal. An elite fighting force with uncompromising standards and a bias for action. We’re built to surprise, outflank, and overpower. Nimble, sharp, and focused, we¹re trained in the classic principles but equipped to win on today’s battlefield. This translates to three specialized platforms for potential clients. 1) We are experts in building brands 2) We have deep experience in highly visible and emotional categories where insights into human behavior drive creative. 3) We have decades of experience launching new brands from scratch as well as fixing broken brands others have given up on. We’re obsessed with finding insights and then executing our creative ideas at a level that both amazes and delights our audience.