In today’s complex media landscape, brands have more opportunities than ever to connect with people, but it’s also never been harder to cut through the noise. Only the few can spend their way to being heard. Meaning, more than ever, we need to create bolder ideas, interesting enough for people to want to spend time with, share, even be part of. We call these ambitious ideas. These ideas spring from the role a brand can play in people’s lives – and we work, with no media bias, to find surprising ways to connect them with our audiences’ worlds. Antidote is a new model boutique powered by WPP. This allows us to twin the media-agnostic agility of a start up with the resources of the network. We have brand strategists, digital strategists, comms planners, data analysts, creatives, designers and developers all sitting around one table – designed to develop and execute powerful ideas with minimal fuss and maximum impact. We are an agency built for collaboration with clients and other agency partners - so, if you like the sound of working with a refreshingly different type of agency we’d love to hear from you. Key sectors: Automotive, FMCG, Financial Services, Retail, Sport & Entertainment, Travel, Tech
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