Wunderman Thompson Health: Health4Equity

Through this partnership, we will set about formalising the Health4Equity Centre of Excellence (COE), focused on internal organisational development and external impact via cultivating meaningful partnerships and producing innovative programming for lasting societal progress against multiple racial health inequities.

To help address the needs of multiple racial segments experiencing a disparity in health outcomes, this project will aim to establish partnerships with:

  • Inclusion, Equity and Diversity (IE&D) organisations to formalise a process for thought-leadership and develop innovative solutions to advance progress toward health equity
  • Community organisations, NPOs and experts, as part of our Health Equity Advisory Council, with which we will highlight thought-leadership and drive action

Our signature initiatives will address the needs of three prioritised inequities and will be scaled for broader impact over time. These initiatives include COVID vaccination in BIPOC communities in the US, the maternal health of Black women in the UK, Brazil and the US and prostate cancer screening in Black male US veterans.