WPP Roots, Ogilvy and GroupM: Effectively Engaging Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Consumers

This pioneering project from WPP Roots, Ogilvy and GroupM aims to completely change the conversation about Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic audiences in the UK by using the teams’ creative superpowers to tell better, more insightful and more impactful stories. Stories that make a difference. Stories that make change happen. Stories that make the world better.

We have already been leading discussions on diversity, equity and inclusion in a world rocked by growing anti-racism movements and a call for better representation. This project will break boundaries by ensuring we are wielding our talents both for business growth and meaningful inclusivity in our industry, with clients and for consumers. Avoiding stereotypes, homogenisation or anecdote, we will be applying all the marketing and creative talents we have to gain deep meaningful data driven insights into what does it actually mean to be Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic in the UK today.

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