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Applications for the WPP Health Fellowship 2020 are now closed.


Through the Health Fellowship, WPP cultivates science graduates into tomorrow’s brightest science communicators. 

Our Health Fellows are given the opportunity to explore the interconnectivity of science, health, communications, creativity and technology and apply them in all aspects of health communications via the lens of medical education, public relations, research and advertising. Assigned to agencies across our UK network, our Health Fellows work with clients that include world-leading pharmaceutical and bio-medical companies, government bodies, innovative technology firms, consumer goods companies, charities and not-for-profits.

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About Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness is a fast-growing and dynamic field of communications for WPP and a sector that is rich with issues and purpose. Disease resistance and prevention, the impacts of our ageing population, the advances of technology in health diagnosis, monitoring and treatment and genetic discoveries are just a handful of the topics explored. Our role is to stimulate, engage with, and communicate the thinking and discoveries from these areas.

Every day our communicators create meaningful campaigns aimed at health professionals, advocacy groups, health opinion formers and consumers. From travelling to global medical symposiums, to helping frame the most motivating insights for creative campaigns, we also develop digital content for niche target audiences and engage with government bodies. We work to explain the intricacies of new drugs to journalists and patient groups, and support the work of all types of healthcare specialists. Taking advantage of WPP’s world-class working environments and collaborating with forward-thinking colleagues with diverse experience and backgrounds, our Health Fellows have everything they need to excel creatively.

For scientists who love to communicate, the WPP Health Fellowship may be just for you!

About the programme

Each Health Fellow will spend nine months of a two year programme learning about and contributing to a specialist health agency. This will be followed by two rotations of six months – each into a different specialist health agency each rotation agreed in advance by WPP – before returning to the original agency for a final three months.

Three of our inaugural Health Fellows who share their inspiring stories here:

Imaan, Burson Cohn & Wolfe

I’m a recent graduate in Human Sciences from Oxford University and an inaugural WPP Health Fellow. Whilst at university, I founded an online platform engaging young people in Politics and Public Health. It was through this experience that I began to think about a career opportunity that would allow me to be creative and connect with people across a variety of contexts, to solve everyday challenges. When I came across the Health Fellowship, I really connected with the vision of the programme and the diverse opportunities that came with the role. I was also attracted to the prospect of being part of a community within WPP and their commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders.

Taylor, WPP Health & Wellness

As a graduate in Medical Sciences (Human Genomics) from the University of Exeter, I was keen to apply what I had learnt during my degree, but was not enthused by the prospect of a career in research or medicine. I simply didn’t know what I wanted to do. It was only when I discovered the Health Fellowship that it genuinely seemed to be tailor made for me (pardon the pun), allowing me to apply my knowledge in a creative, collaborative and truly exciting role. Specifically, the structure of the fellowship and its rotations provides the perfect opportunity for me to find out where within the industry I would fit best.

Holly, Kantar Millward Brown Health

I’ve just begun the Health Fellowship since graduating from Newcastle University in Biomedical Science. As I considered what I wanted from a future career, it was important to me that I could utilise the scientific knowledge and skills I had developed throughout my education. However I knew that a career in research simply wasn’t for me. Throughout my life, I have enjoyed communicating with different audiences, from performing in musicals to my role as a “science busker” at University. After stumbling across an advert for the Health Fellowship, I discovered my dream job that I hadn’t previously known existed. It allows me to combine my passion for human health with my love for communication. Most importantly, the Health Fellowship offers me the opportunity to work for the world leader in communications services, whilst the three rotations provide me with the scope to explore the possible directions my career could take. As a Health Fellow I’ll gain invaluable skills from working beneath industry leaders in each of their respective specialisms.

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