What services does WPP offer?
We blend the best in communications, commerce, experience and technology to help transform our clients’ businesses. Find out more about our offer here.  

Visit Our companies to explore our network of agencies.

Where can I find news from WPP and its agencies?
Visit our Media pages for the latest news from WPP. To view a selection of the best and latest work, insights, viewpoints and initiatives from across WPP, visit our Featured pages.

For financial information, results, presentations and reports, please view our Investors section.

Where can I find a list of WPP companies?
Visit Our companies to explore our network of agencies.

If you are considering using WPP or our companies to provide you with services, please contact our new business team at newbusiness@wpp.com.

In how many countries do you operate?
WPP has a global network of talent and expertise operating in 112 countries.

How do I find out about career opportunities within WPP?
To learn about working at WPP and its agencies, and for information about our Fellowship schemes, visit our Careers section or email talent@wpp.com. Alternatively, contact companies direct using our company directory.

What does “WPP” stand for?
“WPP” stems from “Wire and Plastic Products”, a manufacturer of wire baskets that was used as a vehicle for the acquisitions through which the company was originally built.

How did WPP start?
WPP was established as a marketing services group in 1986 by Sir Martin Sorrell. Since then, the company has grown to become a world leader in communications, experience, commerce and technology. 
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