Lustico Apparel
On the Go Pants

by Campaigns & Grey - Philippines

A fashion company offers the unexpected. Dignity.

Pete Pineda was too embarrassed to go out.  Suffering an enlarged prostate, he had no choice but to wear unsightly urine bags.  Like millions of other Filipino men over 50, who lose control of urinary functions, "Mang Pete" was losing face at an age when he was supposed to be more dignified.

Dennis Lustico was a well-established businessman dealing in flair and Philippine fashion.   Only a few knew that he was a nurse before he was a designer. The plight of catheter wearers was something he was willing to find a solution to, in collaboration with Campaigns & Grey.

The answer came in uniquely designed cargo pants called On the Go.  Cargo shorts that cleverly concealed a urine bag (and an emergency spare) in its specially designed pockets. Inside, tubing sleeves minimised the danger of snagging. Discreet zips allowed for checking liquid levels in the bags.

After being presented at a kidney doctor’s convention and being covered by a major news network, On-The-Go Pants went on to achieve over 3 million impressions, nearly $310,000 in earned media, and increased enquiries (and goodwill) for Lustico Apparel.

A simple innovation on a classic brought dignity back to elderly, catheter-wearing Filipinos.

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